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How can we not? Yes, we can. We consolidate, rebuild structured networks, virtual private networks (VPN), cabling project, virtual local network (VLAN), print server, domain controller, firewall rules and policies. Analysis, design and execution of a network of buildings, offices - production halls - either wired or wireless.

Web server configuration

Web server configuration either rackable blade or tower - LINUX, Security: CertBot, CSF - firewall, fail2ban, jailkit, firewall, amavis - antivirus, spamassassin. Online launch consultancy - Go Live! Log analysis, result interpretation, problem solving in the shortest time.

Cyber Security

We are ISO 27001 authorized for risk analysis, data protection, disaster recovery plan, backup services in several locations simultaneously, data restoration scenarios - server restart. Eliminate downtime, restore equipment and services in the shortest time!

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Various Services

Web Design
Electronic timekeeping
Web programming
Logo Design
Vectorial Graphic Design
Video Editing
Graphic Design
Web Development

iT Arena by CH Design

Our story


Being the best does not mean being fast, it means understanding the needs of your client, and then translating them into a project.


Costi Hututui

Lead & Head Programmer Engineer


Silviu Giurgiu

Custom CSS Specialist



IT ARENA by CH Design

The elite does not depend on how many of us are in the team, it is based on collaboration - performance attracts performance, when as a team we are the best.



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