My Name is Costi.
I am php passioned developer!.

I love develop pHp apps with laravel or clean code.
I live in Brasov - ROMANIA, and I like challenges, I like large-scale projects that require my skills to the maximum! CH Design.

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"Being the best does not mean being fast, it means understanding the needs of your client, and then translating them into a project."

About IT Arena

2022 - We offer complete web services - starting from consulting hosting packages, online implementation of client websites, website construction, graphic logo modeling, email address configuration consulting, MX settings, implementation of SSL certificates. In a word, we wanted to be able to offer a turnkey solution. We succeeded too. Tell us what you want, and give us the chance to offer you your dream in the form of a project.

In 2021 I decided to work with a company from Ireland, as web developer on php Websites. The collaboration was a true success at that time, and I am very happy that I have successfully solved all their requirements :) This project was the most PHP and BootStrap.
My work for them was like FrontEnd Developer.

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My lovely WORK

My clients are not actualy my clients, they are my partners!

Partel Ireland, pHp, CSS, Modal

Full Stack app with pHp, Bootstrap and CSS

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Electrocoserv, Wordpress, CSS

Services presentation website with Wordpress

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PHP, Laravel

Timekeeping with Laravel 9 and pHp

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Laravel 9, Tailwind

Presentation webiste built with Laravel & tailwind

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Inscribed on the shirts of the Romanian team

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Adobe Premiere, Editing video

Filming 4K resolution drone of the Feldioara Fortress.

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If you need my experience, and you think I can help you, feel free to contact me

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+40 771 667 502